What is a friend? I'm pretty sure if you looked in the books it would be along the lines of someone you can trust, someone whom is always there, someone whom has your back, someone whom you can count on. Unfortunately, I just don't see many genuine friendships anymore. I've seen friends burn each other, talk bad about each other, lie on one another, chose a significant other over one another, even have sexual relations with their "friends" significant other. I just really don't understand when did these things become acceptable to do to a "friend". I can't say I'm always the perfect friend but I try my best.

So it seems like all of a sudden every guy has aspirations of  being a rapper. Ladies, I'm pretty sure you've dated or met plenty of guys that have dreams of becoming a big time rapper. Fellas, I know your reading this like "I am a rapper, what's the problem"? The issue is, there's totally a difference between being an aspiring rapper and an actual rapper. A rapper is someone who gets paid to perform at shows, has a great fan based and is very "googleable" (my made up word). Now, a aspiring rapper is usually someone that works a job to pay for studio time, has no following and has dreams of becoming a rapper. Personally, I would NEVER date none of the above. I know what your thinking, how could someone involved in so many aspects of entertainment make that statement. Let me explain. Firstly, the whole process of "aspiring rapper" is extremely annoying. Most likely he'll never have money because he spends it all on studio time. Also, he won't have time because he spends it all in the studio. I demand a lot of attention, I just don't have the time or patience for an aspiring rapper. Not to mention the fact that I'm a virgo, which makes me a realist. Therefore, I probably won't be very supportive of his "rapper dreams". Now, moving on to actual rappers. They get to much attention for me. Hovering fans, groupie girls.. I'll pass! Sometimes I can get really crazy and jealous. Thus, I'd rather just eliminate myself from situations like that altogether. Fortunately, I'm not the only girl in the world. I decided to ask my social media followers and friends how they felt about dating aspiring rappers and rappers altogether. To my surprise a lot of girls said they love aspiring rappers. They admire the grind and hustle they put into their music.  Some girls even took it as far to say they would rather date a rapper before he becomes known. They argued that known rappers usually allow fame to control them. Most women agreed with me that the fans and groupies would become unbearable. Would you date a aspiring rapper or rapper? Do you think the responses would have been different if I asked the guys would they date a female rapper?  

Bronx native Jay K shows his fans how to ride out in his latest video "Rydin Out". Check it out below & tell me what you think,


If you thought Rihanna was somewhere sobbing about the Chris Brown split your completely wrong. The pop star was spotted in Paris living life and looking nice. 


Queens native Conflik is back with his latest single "Spike Lee" off his mixtape  entitled MMMC (More Money More Conflik). Listen below as Conflik directs a movie with his catchy lines and sick wordplay !

If your like me or many other girls you probably don't watch basketball or play video games. You most likely dread when basketball season comes around and you hate when your boyfriend's homeboy calls him like "lets play black ops online". So what do you do when all his attention is focused on the game and not you. Most men will argue and say we don't say anything when you girls rant and rave about love & hip hop. Honestly, men enjoy reality shows just as much as we do. Therefore the two can not be compared. Men may also argue and say women should try and get into the basketball game or learn how to play video games. I'm sorry but I've tried both and they are extremely BORING! So what is a girl to do? The bold girls would most likely suggest giving your man oral sex while he's playing or watching the game. I'm not really sure if this is a good tactic because some men actually love basketball and black ops more than sex.  After thinking about it and talking to a few people I came to the conclusion that we should just eliminate ourselves from the situation. When it's a game night instead of being up under your boyfriend have a girls night out. When you guys are cuddling and his friend calls to play call of duty take that time to text your bff and catch up on the latest gossip. Those are just some suggestions. What do you think?


Back from a hiatus, The Block Brothas give motivation for the ones out there "Working" produced by DreasBeats.  The Block Brothas teach their fans to respect  passion and work for what you want. I Got The Juice 3 coming soon. 

Biggie's daughter T'yanna Wallace has released a new clothing line named after her father. The teenager's collection is called "Notoriouss". It features t-shirts and other fashion items. Surprisingly, the shirts start at only $25. Some of the shirts consist of items such as guns which has caused some what of a uproar because her father was killed by the gun in 1997. Do you think T'yanna made a mistake by designing some of her shirts with guns?

C Stylez is back with his new song "Bring It Out". This song is off his new mixtape "Leader Of The Underdawgz" set to drop this summer. This track reminds me of a  2007 Harlem song. Check it out for yourself below.